I Keep Forgetting...

Not like I’ve spent that much time on this blog over the years, but it doesn’t even occur to me that it exists. Obviously you get what you put in because I’m getting nothing out of it. Not really sure, though, if I care.

Lately, I haven’t been following much of anything. Maybe some high level news stuff. Otherwise, I’ve been ignoring general news and tech news. Some sore of apathy has set in. Like I don’t really have the energy to absorb it, process it, or react or do something about it.

The only thing outside of work that has gotten my attention is ChatGPT. I do use it for work quite a bit. Ideating, writing quick pieces of code. Especially code in a language I haven’t touched in some time and I don’t feel like Googling stuff like what’s the syntax for a loop or a map?

Time spent on socials is practically nil. I haven’t checked Twitter since before Musk took over. Haven’t logged into Instagram either. Even Mastodon, meh.

Maybe it’s middle age.