A few weeks ago I started playing around with Emacs. Over the years, I’ve tried getting into Emacs, but the learning curve was insane. But I had a bit of free time and wanted to learn something new. Not sure the ROI on Emacs is high, but it has been an interesting journey.

Right now, I’m adding all sorts of packages to my init.el. I think it’s almost at 1500 lines. That’s not good, but I’ll clean it up some day in the future (not). They shortcuts are still foreign to me. Instead of memorizing the shortcuts, I keep using M-x. The benefit of that is that I end up seeing lots of other interesting commands.

The biggest challenge by far has been switching the Meta key to CMD on Mac keyboards. I couldn’t switch in most terminal emulators. All except iTerm.

I’ve surprised by iTerm. I remember it being slow, but that was years ago. It plenty sprightly now. The only problem was mu4e-marker which used icons to display the replied, flagged, etc flags. The flags showed up fine in Kitty, Alacritty, and Hyper. So I turned it off and flags are displayed by letters. I can live with that.

Orgmode is awesome. Orgroam is awesome. Next I’m going to figure out how to blog with Emacs.